2023 session committee composition


All delegates (regular and delegates-at-large) are reminded to be present both days (Saturday evening and Sunday). The session will be available for viewing via livestream on the Southwest Region Conference YouTube Channel.  Please begin now praying for God’s leadings.


Below is a list of hotels in the Cleburne/Keene, TX area that can be available for delegates.

Best Western Plus – Burleson

Hampton Inn & Suites – Burleson

Hampton Inn & Suites – Cleburne

Holiday Inn Express & Suites – Cleburne

LaQuinta Inn & Suites – Cleburne

LaQuinta Inn & Suites – Alvarado

Directions to the Keene SDA Church

Frequently Asked Questions

While there are no hard and fast rules of what you should wear to the session, business casual attire would be appropriate.

All delegates are required to register upon arrival at the venue. Check-in will begin at the Keene SDA Church at 5:00 pm in the fellowship hall. It is important to be punctual as there will be many individuals checking in as well, and business cannot commence until everyone has checked in and a quorum has been met.

Upon registration, delegates will receive a name badge. It is required that you wear this badge throughout the session. Only delegates wearing a badge will be granted access to the main floor, be able to vote, and be allowed to address issues.

Delegates will be seated on the main floor. It is important that as a delegate you wear your name badge at all times, only then will you be granted access to the main floor.

There is limited room for guests, however, for those that do come, there will be seating in the balcony.

“Delegates to a conference session are not chosen to represent merely the church or conference. They should view the work as a whole, remembering their responsibility for the welfare of the worldwide work of the Church… Each delegate should be susceptible to the direction of the Holy Spirit and vote according to personal convictions.”


There is additional counsel given in the November 25, 1873 Review and Herald by Ellen G. White:


“The importance of any meeting does not necessarily arise from the numbers of those present or the amount of discussion and speechmaking connected with it, but rather upon the weighty matters decided upon and the spirit of unison and love among those in attendance.”


We invite you to join us in praying for the session. Please pray with us for God’s Spirit to guide the planning and daily decisions that take place before our time together. We will also take time to pray together that day.


Please communicate with your church and pastor both before and after the session. You are representing your church. There will be reports and information given at the session that we hope you will communicate to your church.


Keep checking for updates on this site as we will continue to update the information regularly. It is designed to deliver all the information and materials related to that day: lists of delegates, new churches and companies to be accepted, the agenda for the session and materials pertaining to it, reports from nominating committee, departmental reports, financial summaries, suggested bylaws changes, and more. We encourage you to read through the content on this website in preparation for your participation. You will be given an additional packet at registration with a few basic documents. The church will have limited internet access for your laptops and tablets, so you might find it helpful to print materials that you want to reference during the meeting.


Get to know General Conference Rules Rules of Order. They will guide our way of conducting business at the session. Please familiarize yourself with the summary sheets. There will be a team of parliamentarians to assist us during the session. You will receive additional instructions for the day from the parliamentarians at the beginning of the day. The purpose of the rules is to facilitate participation by the delegates in discussions, debates, and the decision-making process. Thus the work of the session can proceed smoothly, expeditiously, and fairly. The Church is a voluntary organization of those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We are not a parliamentary body, a political forum, or a party system. We meet, not to satisfy personal or party interests, but to discover and understand together God’s will regarding issues, plans, and appointments. At the session, we have an opportunity to participate in the mission of the Church to the world under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


If you become ill or have an emergency or for some reason are unable to attend the session as a delegate, please notify your pastor. Your pastor will then arrange for one of the previously selected alternate delegates to attend in your place and will instruct them to notify those registering delegates at the session which regular delegate they are replacing.

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